Microwave popcorn recipe

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microwave popcorn

As much as taste delights the taste buds, "pop" is for the ears the harbinger of a good moment of conviviality with popcorn GrainPOP If you've got a microwave oven, it's easy to do.

A few grains of salt, a spoonful of vegetable oil and you will discover several recipes that we have prepared to accompany your quality moments!

Popcorn lover, on your marks...

Want to experience a pop moment around corn? Get in the spirit with the microwave popcorn recipe and a few tips:

Number of servings: 4 people
Preparation time: 1 minute
Cooking time: 1.30 minute to 2.30 minutes
Total time to make the recipe: 5 minutes
Recipe category: Dessert
Recipe cuisine: French
Ingredients: a bag of GrainPOP popcorn seeds, vegetable oil, a few grains of salt... and that's it!

Ready to make your own popcorn? Go for it!

Step 1: Cooking the popcorn

We recommend a cooking time between 1.5 to 2.5 min for 1000W - 2 to 3 min for 800W, depending on the power of your microwave. You just have to place your popcorn bag in your microwave and start cooking it while staying close. Indeed, when 1 to 2 seconds pass between the "pops" meaning the popcorn kernels burst, you can take out the paper bag and open it delicately. Be careful, because the bag is hot: open it with the same precautions as if you were removing the lid of a hot pan from the fire.

Why does corn pop in the microwave?

Step 2: Seasoning the popcorn

If you've chosen a bag of plain popcorn, you can enjoy it that way. But you can also add a little extra fun by adding a sweet or savoury flavour of your choice to your popcorn. At home, you're the chef! To do this, carefully open your popcorn bag, then add a few drops of vegetable oil before closing the bag and shaking it once.

After this step, open your popcorn again and pour the condiment (sugar/some salt grains/aromats...), close your bag by folding it and shake your popcorn a second time. If you are more of a caramel fan, you can make up your own flavouring with a little butter, water and sugar. And no need for a recipe book, making caramel sauce is child's play, you just need to know a few tricks!

Open your bag one last time, pour the popcorn into a bowl and now you can enjoy it! And the best thing about popcorn is that you can enjoy it while watching a movie or reading a book: a simple recipe and a bowl for only one place to eat, what better way to enjoy a quality moment without the hassle?

Our popcorn recipes

The image of the housewife in front of her oven, holding a recipe book in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other, is definitely over. It is now possible tocombine speed and simplicity without neglecting quality: after only a few minutes in your kitchen and without any other machine than a microwave, it is possible to taste different popcorn recipes that we have concocted just for you.

Let everyone put their own spin on the film and enjoy the tastefully prepared recipes! The different flavors we have thought of can be both a salty dish after a bowl of soup or a dessert with a caramel taste! And for those who think that the best desserts always contain butter in their ingredients, think again, we have ideas that will take your breath away without taking away your appetite!

A natural taste

plain popcorn

No need to make a fuss, it's the taste of simplicity, which doesn't prevent you from having fun! You like simple, we are on the same wavelength, and that's why we offer you popcorn with a natural taste.

Salted popcorn

We have three flavors to offer you for spicy moments:

Thyme and Zaatar, aromatic blend (28 g): sumac, natural flavour, sesame, corn flour, salt, thyme 5%.

Barbecue farwest, aromatic mix (30g): sugar, aromatic plants and spices (onion, pepper, garlic, peppers, nutmeg), salt, natural onion flavouring, tomato, dextrose.

Goat cheese, aromatic mix (30g), composed of corn flour, goat milk (milk) 33%, spices and aromatic plants (black pepper, onion, parsley), salt, natural flavor.

Sweet popcorn

Sweet popcorn

Caramel with milk, gourmet mix (40 g): (glucose-fructose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, water, sugar), flavouring. Allergens are indicated in bold.

Vanilla of the islands, gourmet mix (20 g): sugar, natural flavour, crushed exhausted vanilla pods 3,3%.

Cocoa and Hazelnut, aromatic mix (30 g): powdered sugar, milk powder, cocoa, maltodextrin, natural flavouring.

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