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Maison Montal is a group of farmers from Berry who are passionate about agronomy and who dream of developing their own products and of promoting the best of French agriculture. They choose to produce on their farm a festive and trendy snack, the popcorn kernel, bringing all their know-how and commitment!

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By creating a "Farm to Plate" network,

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By producing an artisanal popcorn produced and transformed in Berry

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No other product added, naturally GOOD, 100% pop and labeled High Environmental Value,

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Bringing snacking and aperitif moments as warm as ever

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By offering a snack naturally rich in fiber, anti-oxidant and gluten-free

Starting in September 2019, they will carefully select "butterfly" type popcorn varieties to obtain the best popcorns on the market on their farms in Berry.

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Popcorn kernels from

of a responsible agriculture

We grow our corn in a sustainable way to reduce the environmental impact of its cultivation! We are looking for the real taste of popcorn rather than the volume!

In 2020, all of our corn grains are produced in HVE (High Environmental Value) certified farms. This certification makes it possible to reduce the impact of agricultural practices on the environment as much as possible by promoting biodiversity, reducing the use of pesticides, and rational management of water and fertilization.

Initiated in 2012, the certification contributes to the promotion of the agroecological approach. In 2021, our goal of producing delicious LOCAL popcorn with MINIMUM impact on the environment has been achieved with GrainPOP, a popcorn kernel to be enjoyed without moderation, naturally good for your health and for the planet!

Corn is sown in April. Harvesting is done carefully in October; care must be taken not to break the corn kernels.

Then the grain is gently dried; it is sorted and cleaned and naturally ventilated during storage on the farm.

Hand holding a bag
Hand holding a bag

GrainPOP corn is offered in a unique bag made of natural fibers without any additives or chemical compounds or plastic residues. This bag is translucent, microwaveable and fully recyclable ready to use. It is the first natural microwaveable bag for a natural corn kernel.

All the popcorn is produced on our farms in Berry to guarantee the traceability and the quality of the product!

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