Popcorn: kernels with gourmet flavors

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Popcorn is a type of corn produced specifically for consumption as popcorn. It has harder, more compact kernels than other varieties of corn, which allows them to withstand the pressure of heat andexplode when exposed to high temperatures. Popcorn has been popular as a snack for centuries, is often eaten as an accompaniment to entertainment, such as movie and TV nights, and is becoming more popular for consumption at home.

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Popcorn varieties

Popcorn variety

There are two main varieties of popcorn for making popcorn: their particularity lies in their shape.

One variety of popcorn is called " mushroom". When the corn pops, it retains a round, wide shape that allows for easy sweet or savory coating of the popcorn.

The second variety of popcorn has the sweet name of "butterfly". This particularity offers an additional fantasy with its random shapes after popping, conferring a better adherence of volatile seasonings like salt, vegetable oil or butter.

There is also black popcorn , which has a crunchier texture than other types of popcorn, in addition to a naturally unusual color.

Why is popcorn so special?

The popcorn has particularities and properties that differentiate it from other corn varieties:

  • a thick shell : it allows the grains to resist to the pressure under high heat;
  • a dry stem;
  • high starch content: when heated, the starch turns into glucose and this produces steam which makes the grain swell.

Usually consumed in its popcorn version, popcorn is sometimes used to make other recipes such as cereals and craft beers.

How to choose and prepare popcorn?

To make sure you have a successful treat, getting quality popcorn is one of the first steps. How to recognize a superior popcorn?

  1. Choose whole grains for a uniform shattering;
  2. Make sure thepackage is clean and tightly closed and that there are no signs of moisture or mold;
  3. Choose popcorn with an extended expiration date to ensure that it will be fresh when you eat it;
  4. Choose popcorn varieties to avoid the pesticides and other chemicals used in traditional farming.

Making homemade popcorn

To make homemade popcorn, there are several alternatives. In a frying pan, in a popcorn machine or in the microwave, depending on your taste: put on an apron and become a popcorn expert!

Pan-frying is a very popular method of making popcorn. Place the pan over medium heat and when hot, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Add a layer of popcorn kernels to the pan and stir to coat. Cover and shake the pan regularly to prevent the kernels from burning and to ensure even cooking. Remove the pan from the heat when the popcorn kernels begin to pop.

If you have one, get a popcorn maker! Place the corn kernels in the container provided. Turn on the machine and wait until it is hot. Pour the corn kernels into the popcorn basket, making sure not to overfill it. Close the lid of the machine and wait for the popcorn to be ready - this may take a few minutes. Open the lid carefully to avoid splashing hot popcorn.

Microwave cooking: make the choice of speed

If you don't have any special equipment to make popcorn, try cooking it in the microwave. Economical, fast and efficient, it will delight all popcorn lovers.

GrainPOP offers a range of microwaveable popcorn bags in a variety of delicious flavors! For the ultimate in microwave popcorn, simply pop popcorn in a microwaveable bag, pop it into the microwave for 1 min 30 to 2 min 30, add half a dose of spices, shake and... enjoy!

To give your popcorn a little more deliciousness, you can also add a little vegetable oil.

Why succumb to GrainPOP products?

GrainPOP is a popcorn company that is committed to providing high quality products while respecting the environment and workers. Our popcorn is grown using HVE agriculture, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers in France and we work with local farmers to support rural communities.

Our production process is eco-responsible, with minimal waste and energy waste . Our packaging is environmentally friendly, made from recycled and compostable materials. By purchasing GrainPOP products, consumers with a sweet tooth are sure to enjoy a delicious popcorn while supporting a company committed to the environment and the community.

GrainPOP popcorn produced in France

Plain popcorn range

For a convivial moment with friends, discover our bag of natural popcorn that is sure to please. Low in calories, rich in fiber and antioxidants: enjoy all the benefits of natural popcorn.

Plain popcorn

Savoury popcorn range

Savory popcorn flavors

For cheese and appetizer lovers, choose the GrainPOP Goat Cheese Popcorn Pouch that pairs perfectly with the Thyme and Zaatar Popcorn Pouch. As an encore to your summer meals, head to Texas with the Farwest Barbecue bag.

Range of sweet popcorn

Our sweet popcorn promises you sweet evenings. Cocoa and Hazelnut or Caramel Milk popcorn bag, wrap yourself in a bubble of sweetness with the Vanilla Islands popcorn bag.

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