Microwave popcorn recipe

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Microwave Popcorn Recipe

For a last-minute evening out with friends or to accompany your films in front of the TV, discover our delicious microwave popcorn recipe ! Quick and easy to make, microwave popcorn is a must. GrainPOP gives you its secrets for preparing homemade popcorn for a successful movie night!

Preparing the microwave popcorn recipe

Ingredients required

To prepare your popcorn, you will need :

  • popcorn kernels ;
  • oil (optional) ;
  • salt or sugar according to your preference ;
  • melted butter (optional).

Utensils required

Once you've gathered your ingredients, bring along : 

  • a bowl with a microwave-safe lid ;
  • a handle or potholder to handle the hot bowl with care;
  • a bag to store popcorn if necessary.

Cooking popcorn in the microwave

Step 1: Preparing the popcorn

To begin, place the corn kernels in your bowl, then add a tablespoon ofoil as needed: it improves the cooking and taste of your popcorn. Close the bowl with the lid and move on to the next step!

Step 2: Cooking the popcorn

Place the bowl in your microwave, setting the power to between 800 and 900 watts, for two to three minutes, depending on the power setting chosen. 

Keep an eye on the cooking time to prevent the popcorn from burning. Once all the corn has popped, all that's left to do is carefully remove your popcorn from the microwave and enjoy.

Why does my corn pop in the microwave?

Natural bulk popcorn GrainPOP

plain popcorn
For even more speed, skip the utensils and choose our 300g bulk format of plain popcorn: open the bag of popcorn before putting it in the microwave for one to two and a half minutes, then enjoy! 

Enjoy a light, crunchy snack, ideal for a relaxing evening. Dare to sublimate it with a variety of seasonings !

Seasoning your plain microwave popcorn

Salted popcorn

To prepare a subtly salted popcorn, sprinkle it with salt, add melted butter and enjoy a burst of flavour in your mouth!

Sweet popcorn

For a deliciously sweet popcorn, sprinkle it with powdered sugar as you like, adding a little melted butter for a richer taste.

GrainPOP seasoned microwave popcorn


Goat's cheese, Thyme & Zaatar, Island vanilla: because GrainPOP is committed to making your snacks even quicker and tastier, we're offering a range of ready-to-bake seasoned popcorn!

Savoury popcorn boxes

Salted popcorn

The savory box, a delight for the taste buds at aperitif time, brings together :

  • three bags of plain popcorn for a snack at any time of day,
  • a bag of Far West Barbecue-flavored popcorn to delight grill fans,
  • a bag of popcorn with goat's cheese to seduce even the most refined palates,
  • a bag of Thyme & Zaatar popcorn to delight fans of aromatic herbs.

Sweet popcorn boxes

Sweet popcorn

The sweet box, a real invitation to indulgence, offers :

  • three bags of plain popcorn for those who appreciate simplicity,
  • a bag of Cocoa & Hazelnut popcorn to delight chocolate lovers,
  • a bag of Caramel au lait popcorn for sweet tooths
  • and finally, a bag of island vanilla popcorn for gourmets in search of delicate, subtle fragrances.
popcorn flavor boxes

How to prepare your GrainPOP sweet and salty microwave popcorn

  1. place the bag of popcorn directly into your microwave oven for one and a half to two and a half minutes, until the corn pops;
  2. with the exception of caramel milk-flavored popcorn, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of neutral vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil. Shake well to coat the entire popcorn;
  3. add half a dose of spices or coulis depending on the seasoning you have chosen, then shake the bag again;
  4. treat yourself to a variety of GrainPOP flavors!

Authentic, unadulterated flavours

While GrainPOP popcorn pouches are tasty, the taste doesn't come at the expense of your health or the environment. Corn, spices and nothing more: GrainPOP products are made without gimmicks and are suitable for most people's diets. Enjoy corn kernels: 

  • gluten-free ;
  • rich in fiber and antioxidants;
  • vegan ;
  • nutri-score A ;
  • certified from a "High Environmental Value" farm;
  • without preservatives ;
  • without palm oil;
  • without artificial flavors;
  • origin France.

GrainPOP's packaging is also limited and recyclable, so you can enjoy your food with a light heart! Find our list of recommended products on Amazon or POURDEBON and enjoy free delivery on minimum purchases!

FAQ: everything you need to know about microwave popcorn.

  1. How is the popcorn made?

    Popcorn is formed when heat causes corn kernels to burst inside their husks. The water in the kernel turns to steam and exerts pressure on the husk until it explodes, forming popcorn.

  2. How do you get the sugar to stick to the popcorn?

    To help the sugar adhere better to the popcorn, you can:
    - melt some butter and pour it over the popcorn, stirring gently to coat well;
    - sprinkle the sugar immediately after coating the popcorn with melted butter.

  3. How to cook popcorn in a saucepan?

    Cooking popcorn in a saucepan is a much-used method. Simple and quick, it can be divided into just four steps:
    1. In a hot saucepan, add a tablespoon ofoil and a few kernels of corn and cook over medium heat;
    2. When the kernels begin to pop, add the rest of the kernels and cover the saucepan with a lid;
    3. Shake the pan regularly to prevent the popcorn from burning;
    4. When the popping becomes less frequent, remove the pan from the heat and let it rest for a few moments before removing the lid.

  4. Why won't my corn pop?

    If your corn doesn't make popcorn, there may be several reasons:
    - the kernels are too old and have lost too much moisture to pop properly;
    - the cooking is not strong enough or too short to allow the kernels to pop;
    - the kernels are of poor quality or not suitable for making popcorn.

  5. How to cook popcorn without a machine?

    You can bake popcorn without a special machine, using a conventional oven , saucepan, frying pan or microwave.

  6. When to sweeten popcorn?

    It's best to sweeten popcorn immediately after cooking and adding melted butter (if used). This way, the sugar will adhere better to the popcorn and give it a unique flavor: enjoy delicious homemade popcorn on movie night!

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