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Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks in the world, yet few people realize the importance of choosing the right popcorn for an optimal taste experience.

Indeed, the choice of popcorn can make all the difference in the quality, flavor and texture of popcorn: discover the popcorn Discover the 100% French GrainPOP popcorn and make your own opinion!

GrainPOP popcorn: the benefits that make it so special

GrainPOP popcorn bag

Quality of GrainPOP popcorn seeds

  • The GrainPOP producers have opted to produce a completely new kind of popcorn by creating a chain called"From the Farm to Your Plate". They produce natural, handcrafted butterfly corn that promotes biodiversity, reduces pesticides, and uses water and fertilizer in a sustainable manner.
  • By offering this type of seed, our farmers are providing a snack rich in fiber, antioxidants and gluten-free.
  • The customer who savors the finished products can always choose a sweet or savory preparation for an even more gourmet breath! 
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The commitments of GrainPOP

Respect for corn kernels, from production to processing, is at the heart of GrainPOP's concerns. The company is committed to an eco-responsible approach, favouring a reasoned cultivation of its popcorn kernels in order to minimize the environmental impact while preserving the authentic flavour of its products, without seeking to increase production excessively.

Respect for the grain from its production to its transformation

GrainPOP has opted for a sustainable cultivation of popcorn seeds in order to limit its impact on the environment while preserving its authentic taste, without seeking to increase the quantity produced.

HVE certification

Since 2020, corn grains have been produced on HVE (High Environmental Value) certified farms. By encouraging biodiversity, reducing the use of pesticides on plants and promoting rational management of water and fertilization, this certification aims to limit the negative consequences of agricultural practices on the environment.

The certification has helped to promote agroecological practices. GrainPOP popcorn is a concrete example of this approach: it is locally produced and has minimal impact on the environment.



The creation of GrainPOP is the fruit of the Maison Montal. Farmers with a passion for agronomy in Berry have joined forces within Maison Montal, with the aim of highlighting the best of French agriculture by contributing all their know-how and commitment. They chose to produce a trendy, festive and convivial snack on their farm : GrainPOP popcorn was born.

GrainPOP popcorn flavors

Whether you choose a gourmet cheese and caramel popcorn or a healthier vanilla popcorn, you can mix and match flavors to enhance your evening! GrainPOP brings you its unprecedented innovation and creativity, offering unique and original flavors in each bag of flavored popcorn made to delight you!

Vanilla popcorn box

Island vanilla popcorn

Vanilla popcorn offers a sweet and delicate flavor that stands out from other popcorn flavors. It can be eaten at any time of the day and enjoyed as a light snack for a relaxing afternoon or as a healthy option for children.

Cheese popcorn box

Goat cheese popcorn

Goat cheese is an original ingredient for popcorn that brings a unique and rich flavor. Looking for a new and different culinary experience? Choose GrainPOP goat cheese popcorn!

Cocoa popcorn box

Cocoa and hazelnut popcorn

The perfect marriage of cocoa and hazelnut creates a divine flavor that will transport you to a world of taste pleasure. Cocoa Hazelnut Popcorn is a healthy, high fiber, low calorie snack. Indulge yourself without the guilt!

Thyme popcorn box

Thyme and zaatar popcorn

Thyme and zaatar are popular spices in Mediterranean cuisine, which add a unique touch of flavor to popcorn. Looking for a new culinary experience? Thyme and zaatar popcorn will seduce your taste buds with its original flavor.

Caramel popcorn box

Caramel popcorn with milk

A caramel milk popcorn is the perfect combination of the crunch of popcorn and the sweetness of caramel milk. Made with quality ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors, it's a healthy, natural choice for those with a sweet tooth. Try it with a scoop of ice cream or on top of an apple pie to add a touch of crunch and sweetness to your favorite desserts.

Popcorn box Barbecue box

Wild West Barbecue Popcorn

Accompanied by its smoky spices that recall the authentic flavors of the American West barbecue, our Wild West Barbecue Popcorn is ideal for movie nights or outdoor snacking. Its taste will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Plain popcorn box

Plain popcorn

Plain popcorn is a tasty snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can be enjoyed as is or with various spices, salt or butter to vary the flavours to suit your tastes and add a touch of originality.

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