How to make popcorn like in the movies?

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movie popcorn

How to enjoy a movie without having to go to the cinema? In one click today, it's possible!

One step: choose your movie, then curl up on your couch and your movie can begin. All the conditions are met for you to enjoy your session without noisy neighbors or seats in front of you that block your legs.

If you don't have a big screen, you can enjoy the cinema at home: popcorn with caramel or salt for a more natural taste, a crunchy treat. 

With GrainPOP popcorn, discover how to make your own popcorn as if you were at the movies and even better because when you play at home, the tastes are even more varied: explore other flavors than salted butter caramel or grains of salt with the flavors "Cocoa and Hazelnut", "Goat Cheese", "Caramel with milk", "Island Vanilla", "Thyme and Zaatar", "Far West Barbecue"! 

How to choose the right corn to make popcorn? 

Not all varieties of corn are suitable for making homemade popcorn, caramel or any other flavour: make sure the package you buy says "popcorn" .

The "butterfly" type popcorn kernels allow to obtain the best popcorns of the market, with an unpredictable shape similar to the wings of the small insect. We advise you to choose popcorn without any other added product (neither preservative nor palm oil), good without artificial flavouring, 100 % pop and labelled High Environmental Value .

Favouring short circuits, from the farm to the bag, is a good way to commit yourself tosustainable agriculture without moving from your sofa! 

popcorn selection

How to make popcorn ? Make popcorn UP!

Step 2, if you want to season your popcorn with caramel, we invite you to choose recipes that do not require the addition of oil.

If you choose a natural taste, add a few grains of salt to enhance the flavor of the popcorn you are about to enjoy.

How to heat the corn kernels to make popcorn? 

The pan, the pot, and even the oven are traditionally used to turn corn kernels into popcorn. Butter or oil and a few grains of salt are often added, but these are not the most healthy recipes. 

On the other hand, there are popcorns in micro-wave bags that do not require a pan or a spoon to enjoy caramel popcorn like in the movies! The recipes are just as tasty without having to print out the recipe in jpg format or draw lots to see who will do the dishes after the home movie.

All the ingredients in a single bag, cook your popcorn in the microwave for just a few minutes and you're done! 

How to live a quality moment in front of the TV?

You want the recipe for a quality moment: the micro wave bags!

The choice of popcorn flavor no longer adds fuel to the fire, after perhaps a heated debate about the choice of movie, all viewers can add their grains of salt, because the flavors are more varied at home than in the cinema!

Now make way for the popcorn movie party!

GrainPop, put the small dishes in the big ones! 

With GrainPop, live your movie like in a movie theater by munching on life of course, but also on delicious flavors of popcorn Cocoa and Hazelnut", "Goat Cheese", "Milk Caramel", "Island Vanilla", "Thyme and Zaatar", "Wild West Barbecue"! 

FAQ: recurring questions about popcorn in movies

What is the recipe for making popcorn like in the movies? 

movie popcorn

The best recipe to make popcorn like in the cinema, i.e. while nibbling in front of your movie or series without having to cook, is none other than the micro-wave bags: no cooking, no dishes, the real recipe for a quality moment in only a few minutes!

Can we eat popcorn at the movies?

popcorn boxes

It is possible to eat popcorn at the cinema, the two flavors most widely offered for purchase being salt for a more natural taste or caramel for the most greedy!

What is the price of popcorn at the cinema?

Popcorn bags

The price of popcorn in the cinema depends on the cinema, the location of the cinema and the volume contained. According to an article in the newspaper Le Parisien, the price of popcorn sold in cinemas is 14.5% higher than the cost of the raw material. The solution of micro-wave bags is actually more economical than the popcorn sold in the cinema! 

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