Where to find popcorn boxes? 

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popcorn boxes

Where to find popcorn boxes? 

The star of movie screenings, popcorn has been reinvented and now invites itself to your table. A treat to nibble on during a birthday party or a Halloween party, you can also add it to your Candy Bar, or even during a baptism or a wedding to offer your guests a sweet treat that is more original than sugarplums! 

But how do you find popcorn tins to beautifully present your favorite treat to your guests?

Where to buy a popcorn box that is out of the ordinary?

Popcorn boxes in supermarkets

Outside of a movie theater, the first reflex to find a popcorn box is to look at the products in stock in the table decoration departments of supermarkets. However, the choice of popcorn boxes is usually very limited and the design is quite classic.

Find original popcorn boxes in specialty stores 

To find a popcorn box with a more original design, you can turn to candy stores or decoration stores, specialized in table art or dedicated to the party. You will find kraft paper or cardboard boxes tinted in red, pink or blue to bring a touch of color to your table decoration. 

Make your own popcorn box 

For more personalized popcorn box designs, why not customize them yourself? To do so, nothing could be easier:

Popcorn box
  • Please bring with you cardboard scraps or large cups and make the pattern of your popcorn box;
  • Gather the decorative accessories you want to add to personalize your popcorn box: stars, rhinestones, stickers, glitter or ribbon;
  • Stick them on your box;
  • Let your popcorn box dry for a few minutes.

Your 100% personalized popcorn box is ready to be filled!

Criteria for choosing your popcorn boxes 

Ordering on the Internet: a good idea?

If you want to buy popcorn boxes online in large quantities, you can turn to professional suppliers you will find classic cardboard boxes with circus or American colors! You can also have it customized your popcorn boxes for unique pieces : bright colors, stars, or photographs, let your creativity speak! 

These solutions are essential because they save time: no need to run to the stores, do your shopping online, in a few clicks!

Take into account the opinions of consumers

Who better to praise a product than consumers? To avoid spoiling the party and risking an unpleasant surprise when your popcorn boxes are delivered, read carefully the reviews and comments left by customers on websites and trust the number of stars displayed. 

GrainPOP popcorn bags: the assurance of an original and healthy popcorn

Quality criteria for a good popcorn and recipes to avoid 

Having a nice popcorn box is a good start, but an unpalatable popcorn could be a spoilsport! If you want to enjoy the best quality popcorn, be sure to look at the Nutri-Score and the way the corn is produced. Avoid all popcorn bags with processed ingredients and artificial flavours. Packaging is also important to the quality of your popcorn: rather than popcorn sold in a plastic bucket, choose popcorn packaged in microwaveable bags made of recyclable paper .

GrainPOP popcorn: popcorn from farm to bag 

The corn contained in GrainPOP popcorn bags is grown in a traditional way by farmers in the Berry region who share a common objective: to protect the planet and make the product more appealing. GrainPOP popcorn is produced locally and has the High Environmental Value (HVE) label. It is also packaged in paper made from natural fibers without chemicals or plastic residues! 

Don't be fooled by the pristine white kernels: GrainPOP popcorn is guaranteed to be free of preservatives and artificial flavors

popcorn flavor boxes

A wide choice of tasty, delicious and healthy popcorn 

From the appetizer to the sweet after dinner, GrainPOP popcorn recipes will accompany your party from start to finish. Caramel milk, island vanilla, cocoa and hazelnut, thyme and zaatar, barbecue or goat cheese, which flavored popcorn bag will you choose? To make a custom bag, you can also create your own popcorn recipe from plain popcorn or use natural beet-based food coloring to give the naturally white kernel a red or pink color! 

GrainPOP popcorn is Nutri-Score A rated and naturally gluten free, rich in fiber and antioxidants: enough to surprise and treat your guests at your birthday party or theme party, all at an affordable price! 

Surprise your guests at a wedding, baptism, Halloween party or movie night, stock up on popcorn bags to offer the best popcorn and enjoy fast delivery at low prices!

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