How do I choose a professional popcorn maker? 

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popcorn machine

Are you a professional looking to add homemade popcorn to your chain's range of kitchens?

Choice of coating, design, dimensions, cooking capacity and materials: discover GrainPOP's advice on the best popcorn machine for your business.

The different popcorn machine models and how they work

The professional propeller popcorn machine

The action of the spindle and blade with which these machines are equipped moves the corn kernels uniformly through the machine, giving you a good yield rate. In this machine, the corn kernels explode under theeffect of heat

To use these models, you will need :

  • smear oil or butter on the machine's propellers; 
  • Place your popcorn kernels on the buttered or oiled area; 
  • put a lid on and start your appliance; 
  • wait about 5 minutes and collect your popcorns before eating them! 

The professional hot-air popcorn machine 

With this type of machine, the corn explodes thanks to the heat of the air. A fan circulates the air in the machine, creating a humid blast that soaks the seed and causes it to pop. Did you know that corn needs a humidity level of 14% to pop? In fact, it's the water vapor contained in a corn kernel that enables it to pop!

By choosing an air popcorn maker, you won't need to use oil or butter, so you can save money while offering your customers a healthier snack

These machines are very easy to use: 

  • Place your corn kernels in the space provided, along with the desired ingredients such as sugar, salt, spices, etc. ; 
  • switch on your appliance and wait a few minutes; 
  • place a container over the opening and collect your corn kernels: ready!

Criteria for choosing a professional popcorn maker 


Machine power and cooking time 

The power of your popcorn maker is a particularly important criterion. The higher the wattage, the faster your machine will deliver popcorn. For professional use, we recommend a minimum of 800 Watts.

Machine dimensions and capacity

Depending on your yield requirements, you'll need to choose a larger or smaller professional machine. Read the machine's grammage capacities carefully, otherwise you risk placing too many corn kernels and not getting a good yield rate, or worse, finding your popcorn all black!

If you're looking for a popcorn machine with a wide variety of cooking options, you'll need to have ample storage capacity, as these machines are bulky in size.

Model materials and cladding 

For good-quality popcorn, you need a machine made from tough, easy-to-maintain materials such as metal or tempered glass.

While these materials may represent a greater initial economic investment, their durability and quality will enable you to amortize this cost over time.

Device design 

The design of your machine shouldn't be overlooked, especially if it's visible and located in your establishment. You can choose a red-and-white machine with a retro design that echoes the decor of movie theaters and funfairs.

If you want to add a touch of modernity, you can opt for a sleek black device, or pop with flashier colors. 

The price of the machine 

Finally, price remains one of the most decisive factors. If, however, the machine you've chosen is out of your budget, you can opt for a second-hand machine rather than a new model: an ecological and economical solution without compromising on quality.

Keep a close eye on offers in stores and on the manufacturer's website to get your machine at the best price. Also pay attention to delivery costs, which are not always included in the price, to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Is it possible to make popcorn without a machine? 

Homemade movie-style popcorn without a machine 

Would you like to enrich your kitchen offering with healthy, delicious popcorn without investing in a machine? With GrainPOP, forget your kettle, frying pan or other appliances with our flavoured microwaveable popcorn bags!

Ready to use and homemade, our popcorn is impossible to miss and won't mess up your kitchen! So you can test your popcorn offer before investing in the model of your dreams.

Healthy, tasty, ready-to-use popcorn 

Succumb to our range of sweet recipes, with flavors like island vanilla, milk caramel popcorn or chocolate and hazelnut, but also savory, with our goat cheese, barbecue or thyme and zaatar flavored popcorns!
Baking couldn't be easier! Simply place your popcorn bag in your microwave oven for between 1.30 and 2.30 minutes, depending on the wattage of your appliance.

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